Sunday, April 8, 2012

So many blessings...(acceptance & insurance)

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When I got back home from the evaluation process I figured it was wait time! Well, God had other plans! He just paved the rest of the way in short order, let me tell you! So, I got back from Chicago on Monday, December 5th and on Tuesday, December 6th Paula called to tell me I was IN! By the way, in 2010 when I was diagnosed it was 2 days after my 55th birthday and last year I hear I am accepted into the SCT program 2 days before my birthday! I believe this year ON my birthday, I will hear I beat CIDP!! 
Now, we have United Healthcare for insurance and right in their paperwork we all get a copy of it states that they do pay for stem cell transplants for people as long as it isn't in "trial". Which, of course, the SCT I am doing is a trial, so I anticipate a battle! Paula (Dr. Burt's) nurse, is the one who sends off the insurance requests and she put in for mine Dec 7th or 8th and I figured a few weeks before I will hear anything.  I decided to call her on Dec 22nd just to see IF something came through yet. I left a message on her machine and she called me back to tell me "I have an early Christmas present for you!". Wow! I was so surprised to hear she had an answer already let alone a positive one!! Thank You Jesus!!
I spoke to Paula again the following week to set my date!  I probably could have come up for the transplant a lot sooner but my sister wanted to come up to be with me and she had spring break at a certain time and we counted back from there for my start date in March.
Now, the next thing we were concerned about was the hotel and air fare costs. I got on the phone with my insurance representative on Thursday, January 5th about whether or not they have a program of this type. He didn't know, but said he would check with another lady there and get back to me. Friday, the very next day, I walked out for the mail and in the mail box was a letter to me stating that the insurance company will cover the travel and lodging! I lifted my eyes heavenward and just said "Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord!"

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