Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok, taking a break from the "me" story to put in my schedule. 

Sunday, March 18th - flying to Chicago. Southwest Airlines, arriving at Midway Airport @ 10:25am. Will need to grocery shop and unpack. Pray for lots of energy this day!

Monday, March 19th - Starting pre-testing at Northwestern Univ Hosp. which includes Labs (blood work), EKG, CT of sinus and a chest x-ray.

Tuesday, March 20th - receive IVIg (blood products I have been receiving all along to keep me going until transplant) and meet with Paula (Dr Burt's nurse and #1 helper!)

Wednesday, March 21st - back to hosp for PFT (pulmonary function test), Echo-cardiogram and  an appt with Dr Burt!

Thursday, March 22nd - Vein check (where they will take stem cells from)

Friday, March 23rd - MRI of spine (with and without contrast) Long day here!

Monday thru Friday 26 thru 30th, wait for results of tests and more tests if needed. 

Monday, April 2nd - Admit to mobilization (1 day of chemo). My sister, Ruth Ann will be here today thru Saturday.

Tuesday, April 3rd - discharged from hosp.

Wednesday, April 4th - Thursday, April 5th - I have to take my temperature every day. If greater than 100.4, I would have to go to the ER and page Dr. Burt.

Friday, April 6th - Labs again (more blood draws)

Saturday, April 7th - start at 7am Neupogen ( it is used to decrease the chance of infection in people who have certain types of cancer and are receiving chemotherapy medications that may decrease the number of neutrophils (a type of blood cell needed to fight infection), in people who are undergoing bone marrow transplants & stem cell transplants), Cipro (antibiotic) and Diflucan ( is used to treat and prevent fungal infections).
 Also today, Ruth Ann goes home :(    but Eddie is coming :)!! 

Sunday, April 8th thru Wednesday April 11th - I will be taking the above medicines each day and on Monday, April 9th I will go in for labs again. And on Tuesday, April 10th - I will go in for my IVIg again - should be the last one I ever have to get!!

On Thursday, April 12th - I'll be taking the meds again today, but also going in for the harvesting of my stem cells! 

On Friday, April 13th - If they didn't get enough cells yesterday, I go back for another round of harvesting. 

On Saturday, April 14th - Eddie goes home :'(  boy, that week went fast!

On Sunday, April 15th thru Tuesday, April 17th is empty, so far.

On Wednesday, April 18th I go to the hospital to have my PICC line placed.

On Thursday, April 19th I will be admitted for upcoming transplant. This is day -7. Will receive daily chemo starting today...

Next days are numbered -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1

On Thursday, April 26th - Day 0 ! ! I will receive back my own stem cells! My new "BIRTHDAY" so to speak!

Now we count up +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9  +10

On Thursday, May 3rd - my friend Carol McCormick will be coming to help me for the next week! This is my +7 day. So she will be there to help when I am discharged after day +10. 

On Wednesday, May 9th - Carol goes home :(

I have to stick around for a bit longer in Chicago to make sure nothing goes wrong. No set date to return is possible to predict.



  1. the day you are admitted for mobilisation will be my day -7 admission for transplant:)

  2. well, we should be able to connect at the hotel prior to that. I look forward to meeting you and your wife.

  3. Wendy, my thoughts and prayers will be with you...and, I will spread your news to the rest of Bible Study! You can count on us to be prayer warriors for you!!!! Love ya, Stephanie

  4. Wendy, I have been interested in the stem cell transplants and I read the blog of another woman who had it 5 or 6 years ago. Last I read on her she still has to take imune suppresants, will you have to also? I was kinda thinking that the whole point of the transplant is so we could get off all this nasty meds that is essentually killing us and get back to a healthy life. I am going to pray for you and your family because they need the strength to see you go through what you are fixing to do. I am also getting my friends & their church to pray for y'all also.

    1. Cheryl, this note is from Paula (Dr Burt's nurse):

      We have transplanted 24 CIDP patients with the longest post transplant being 6 years 5 of those patients needed to restart some sort of immune suppression again. The rest of the patients remain off all immune suppression therapy and continue to have improvements in their EMG and function. We have not lost any of our patients with CIDP. I hope this has helped answer your questions.

      I will fax your medical records to Dr. Weiss. If he has any further questions, he can always speak with Dr. Burt as well.

      Cheryl, again this is from Paula sent to me Dec 13, 2011 so more have occurred since then but too soon to tell if will be needing any immune suppressants. Who was it you read about that is taking them now? Just curious. Thanks for the prayers, for sure!!
      Talk to you soon!

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